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Trauma  Therapy

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Live Your Nature

 3-month and 6-month

transformation packages

bring you to a vibrant remembrance

of your true self and

the deep healing that it brings. 

What we long for is deep. 


We want to feel the fullness of our being and connection to ourselves, to others, and all of Life.


We want to experience our true Essence.

In complexities of modern life, this feeling can be elusive and difficult to embody. 


My work with you is to transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects so that you can realign to your essence and experience full aliveness and living in purpose.

Some of the challenges that we move through together include early childhood wounding, relationship struggles, life stress, grief, and existential pain. I can also help you with finding your life purpose, navigating major life transitions, and spiritual awakening.

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Transformation arcs to accelerate your full remembrance and the deep healing that it brings. 

Various modalities; including depth-oriented talk therapy, somatic experiencing trauma therapy, somatic interactional psychotherapy, safe and sound protocol, sufi healing, sacred activations, sound healing, and contemplative practice.


Are you ready to commit to your awakening? Do you want to journey in community with other women seeking the same holding? Eva offers a longer term community container to help you awaken your sacred feminine, ground in robust psychological health, and create deep allyship with your body.

The Divine Embodied Freedom women's community is offered once per year.



An awakener of evolutionary potential and a guide to one’s soul essence, Eva weaves ancient wisdom into the now, serving as a vessel for the sacred in modern times.


Her transformative work connects body, mind, heart and soul and meets each person where they are at in their journey.





Trauma Resolution

Trauma. So many do not identify with that term, but they recognize that aspects of childhood did not go well, tragedies have happened in their lives, and crisis occurs. 

Our childhoods lay the foundation for our nervous systems. Forms of abuse, neglect, including parents with unhealed traumas, accidents, and dysfunctional family systems can all create dysregulation in our nervous systems that make us more prone to anxiety, depression, anger, and chronic states of hopelessness and helplessness. Early wounding is called developmental trauma and patterns our nervous system into adulthood.

Sometimes we also experiences traumas later in life that bring us to crisis points.

Our bodies are key allies in helping us develop resilience to be able to process what has not been able to be processed. We need both external and internal support to develop this resilience and resolve the traumas present.

My style of trauma resolution work calls on the genius of somatic healing, as practiced through Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy, and Sufi Healing. I also incorporate my intuitive and spiritual capacities to shed more light on what is unfolding. The combination of all tends to be helpful in tracking, identifying, and creating adequate resource for the trauma to process itself through.


"She helped me really accept the gravity of the trauma I held. The work revealed the deeper memory around the trauma, and it helped me see the deeper puzzle in my patterning and how and why I’m reacting to life the way I do. "




White Branch

Entering the Temple

There are moments in our lives when we open to a sacred calling.

Perhaps it is grace, a knowing, or the result of many years of personal work. These times come and ask for sacred space to be held, for initiatory rites to be performed, and for guidance to be provided.

These are times of evolutionary leaps in the fabric of our consciousness. We want to live into our essence more fully, open to more powerful expression, and rest in deep Wisdom. Our maker is infinite potential so all is possible.

Having sacred space held is critical for these initiations to take place so that you can feel secure is moving into uncharted waters, release what is no longer serving, deconstruct, and move into a deep rewiring at all levels -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I keep the sacred container of Divine Embodied Freedom with a strong foundation in Spirit/God/Goddess/Great Mystery/Awareness/Source so that it is the Infinite that guides our finite unfolding. Small groups often potentiate healing more quickly than one on one work. I see women in this program moving their healing and awakening forward powerfully to their delight as they find themselves reflected in each other.




Walking theTeachings 

The path of ceremonial integration is profound and necessary. Integration offers the true transformation that ceremonial participants seek.

In the first years of this healing movement, participants believed that the sacred plant teachers were doing their work for them. As this work has evolved, it is now understood widely that the sacred plant teachers can show, guide, and provide openings, but the individual must do their own work to walk those experiences into being.

We must take those visionary lessons and move them into our lives, our bodies, and into our day to day realities.

Integration becomes the bridge between knowing what needs to change and the change itself.

I have helped many over the last 10 years in integration, and I have worked towards my own integration from my years of working with sacred plant teachers. And, although I have not worked with those teachers in many years, their lessons have stayed with me and serve to remind me of the steps towards my own evolution. About 5 years ago, I authored a handbook on visionary plant medicine integration as well, which has traveled in many ceremonial circles.

My integration work is a combination of spiritual understanding, nervous system regulation and trauma resolution methods, familiarity with how the sacred teachers operate, and depth psychology.

I do not offer any psychedelic or plant medicine ceremony or therapy.




with EVA

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Evolutionary Retreats

Sometimes what we need is concentrated time to go deeply inward. We need to open a portal to go to the root of what is out of balance, to find what old relics still inhabit our inner recesses and move powerfully towards bringing those aspects of self into alignment with our true nature.

These times are fierce. Much is called for as we make our transitions through the morass of conflicting and confusing energies that plague the collective. Initiation is the theme we work with.

To find the truth amid these swirling waves of energy is important and often requires time outside of those waves to begin to see the truth and potentiate it.

Personal retreat is a time to drop deeply inward, uncover what is out of alignment, bring this into wholeness, and open to new gifts and wisdom.

Personal retreat is also time to open to new initiatory experience and temple space with powerful spiritual teachers. The elements are all teachers in their own right and have much to share that evolves our consciousness.

Retreat is an opportunity to embrace the initiation that is being called forth, to shed, to open to deeper wholeness, to connect with life-giving spiritual teachers and learn how to return to the world uplifted, more clear, and more grounded


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