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"Explaining how Dr. Coder has helped me is a bit like explaining how Ayahuasca changed me. Words aren't quite enough. I came to Eva after an unsupported medicine initiation with a reckless facilitator. Despite my best efforts I only made things worse. I had symptoms of PTSD and literally couldn't think straight. My sleep was disrupted, my mind was racing and every day tasks quickly became overwhelming. I could barely get out of bed, which was a very unfamiliar and scary situation to find myself in.


Eva was confident that together we could get me back on track but first we needed to reset my central nervous system. She assured me that I had the ability to heal myself and that I just needed some guidance and self-love, and everything would take care of itself.


Within our first few sessions I started feeling better. Within three months my wife was able to notice a shift in my behavior. One year later I can honestly say that Eva has changed my life. My depression and anxiety are totally eradicated. I am getting amazing sleep, and my body feels like my own again while my mind has calmed down, shifting from a state of scarcity and fear to one of abundance and possibility. I am grounded, grateful and excited about life again.


Having a guide like Eva on my support has made all the difference in the world. Not only have I come through the other side of the darkness that was haunting me, but I've healed and integrated parts of me that I never knew existed. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have Eva in my life."



"I am writing this testimonial with heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Kat Coder, who has guided me on a transformative journey through complex personal challenges with a mastery that I perceive rivals esteemed figures like Dr. Gabor Maté and Peter Levine. Her skillful blend of therapeutic psychology and spiritual healing has not only provided me a safe haven, holding space for me, but also empowered me to extend the same compassion and understanding to my family and friends, creating a ripple effect of healing.


One of Dr. Coder's greatest gifts was teaching me to listen to my body, a powerful tool that has led to deeper self-understanding and effective decision-making. With Dr. Coder, it's not just about navigating life's challenges, but thriving amidst them. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a life-altering therapeutic journey. Her dedication to healing has made an immeasurable impact on my life, and I'm confident that anyone who chooses to work with her will experience the same profound growth."


"I went to Katherine in crisis from 2000 miles away. We met online and therapy with her was the best and most comprehensive therapy I have had. I'd been with a dozen therapists, in the mental hospital, and dealing with severe issues from Bipolar 1 to PTSD for over 40 years. The process was never-ending. Then I was referred to Katherine and finally, finally, my life shifted and I began to live. I was going to say "again," but really, it was for the first time. Her knowledge, intuition, and skills with me (and the others I have recommended go to her) have been amazing. As an empath, I can tell easily if people are lying or faking. Katherine was not. I speak in the past tense because I, for the first time, became well-enough to not be in constant therapy. I see Kat periodically, but for those previous 4 decades, I was in therapy weekly, if twice a week at times. I feel free from that intense emotional/spiritual/worldly pain because I learned skills and methods of self-healing that I use every single day.


If you've never finished therapy, know that it is possible. I never imagined being given such universal love and care from someone that could guide my compass towards a life I had never imagined." 


"I've had the privilege of working with Katherine for over 2 wonderful years, and I can't praise her enough. She's this incredible blend of Eastern and Western practices, and her warm, personalized approach has been a game-changer for me. 


Right from the beginning, her mix of Eastern and Western techniques clicked with me. It's like talking to a friend who just gets it. She helped me unpack deep childhood traumas that were holding me back, and I've grown so much, not only within myself but also in my relationships. What I really appreciate is how she integrates everything seamlessly. The stuff I explore outside of our sessions somehow fits together perfectly under her guidance."


My journey with Dr. Kat Coder has been such that I arrived at her practice on day one immersed in the darkness of my soul accompanied by painful brain chatter and a lack of self; several months later, I emerged at the other end having achieved complete equanimity, with a full grasp of who I am and living in the beautiful light of the dawn of the new me. The results of going to therapy with Dr. Coder are far beyond of what I even dreamed of. I went from a place of emptiness, of feeling incomplete, and carrying many layers of pain and old stories, to a place where literally I’ve fallen in love with myself, and want to remain in love no matter what, no matter who.

Dr. Kat is an extraordinary professional who has a perfect combination of therapeutic psychology practice and spiritual healing, providing insight that results in breakthroughs and aha! moments that cause positive transformation even if you try to resist it. Dr. Kat achieves this by being a very compassionate and loving human being; she truly cares about supporting our personal journey, taking our hand and guiding us; ensuring that we arrive at the destination safely and healed. She gifts us with powerful tools to continue on the journey and not allow anything to derail our achievement. There are not enough words to express who Dr. Coder is and what she is capable of helping you achieve, so in simple words: I recommend her 200%. She has been a true blessing in my life path. Thank You Dr. Kat Coder!!"



“I am so appreciative and blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Katherine Coder for many reasons. About 4 months ago I came across her Facebook profile and instantly knew that my life would change forever. For many years I have been challenged with many family issues and past experiences that were dragging me down. From guilt, to negative self-talk, to feeling extremely insecure in this world. All that changed once I met with Dr. Kat. I was able to open up to her about very personal things that I have gone through since I was a teenager, events that literally changed my life. I faced abandonment issues with my alcoholic parents and self blame for many decisions that I made in my life. But as I opened myself up to Dr. Kat, she carefully listened and made me feel like I was normal, that I will be okay in this world. Her deep presence and non-judgmental ways allowed me to be just that for myself. Sometimes she would just listen the entire hour, sometimes she would lay me down and put me through a guided meditation or sing to me and ask the higher powers to help me. I felt loved and healed, and it felt like a great deal of baggage had been lifted off my shoulders. As a result of seeing her once a week for 3 months many things happened. I feel lighter, more grounded, and more clear about my life in general. My mom admitted to me that she is an alcoholic, and she wants help. She has also opened up to me more and tells me she loves me more. I have been able to open myself up more to people I work with and friendships. I am forever grateful for Dr. Kat and her physical being. Thank you. Namaste”


“Katherine is the practitioner’s practitioner. She is who you go see when you as a practitioner needs help. The thing is the more you progress on your own path, the more you need someone to hold space in such a way that cuts out the clutter. Kat can do that. She can go into unchartered territories with you and feel around the edges. This is not only rare, it’s remarkable. There are many great practitioners in the world, and they need help sometimes too, and when they do, they go to Kat. If you are a beginner or super advanced along your journey, Kat can meet you anywhere in between.”


“Dr. Kat is an extraordinarily intuitive, sincere, caring, and honest person. I enjoyed her approach very much and learned a lot about how to improve upon my own life when I was feeling severely stuck. She is very thorough with her guidance and truly gifted in helping those in need of healing. I am extremely impressed and grateful for her genuine sense of care for me and my family. I wholeheartedly feel more confident to make decisions that will benefit me and my family’s growth in the future and will recommend Dr. Kat to everyone I know because she is the real deal.”


“Katherine Coder is a healer in every sense of the word. I came to her hoping to resolve one specific issue and quickly came to realize it was an opportunity for a fundamental reset, a chance to redefine my approach once one particular weight had been set down. She challenged my assumptions with her intellect and clarity while enfolding my vulnerability with compassion and grace. There was even homework leading to unexpected insights that have changed my journey. Talented guide and companion, if you’re at a crossroad she is a light in the darkness.”


“Dr. Kat is an extraordinary human being and professional, who approaches people issues in a very caring and enthusiastic way. You feel at home in her presence and immediately establish a connection with her, which further helps towards a positive resolution of issues. I was particularly impressed by her ability to work around subjectivity and objectivity, grasp the essence of what is being brought in front of her and render a very precise description of the facts and guidance to solve the problem. Would recommend her highly.”



“I started working with Dr. Coder during a massive life transition. I’d just gone through a divorce and found myself in a new life with circumstances I’d never expected to encounter. Shortly after reaching out to her, we met in person to discuss my history, what it was I’d like to achieve through our sessions, and to create a treatment plan. Because of my location, many of our sessions were done via video calls.

Through working with Dr. Coder I’ve been able to achieve results I thought were previously unattainable. We worked together through different modalities, my favorite of which is Somatic Experiencing. I had been in cognitive behavioral therapy for 20+ years and while it helped, it did not allow me to let go of much of the pain from the past. Within 6 months of working with Dr. Coder, I completely changed my life. Using SE techniques I was able to let go of so much pain from my childhood. I started to find true meaning in my life, began feeling happier than I’d ever been, and was even able to come off of certain medications I’d been reliant on my whole life. Depression is no longer a daily struggle for me and I’ve been able to make many more positive life changes as a result.

I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Coder. She has been a massive catalyst for change in my life and was instrumental in allowing me to work through so many issues I previously thought I’d be dealing with forever.”



“I highly recommend Dr. Kat. I have worked with and known her for over 4 years and have been continually impressed by her knowledge, skill, intuition, talent, and her incredible ability to make you feel safe, at home and comfortable in all the spaces she carefully curates for personal and group healing. Her services and her amazing heart have been invaluable to my own personal growth and I am forever grateful for the strength and positivity she has inspired along the journey of my life.”


"I began seeing Katherine at a time when my life seemed overwhelming, and it appeared there was no way for me to overcome all of the turmoil I was experiencing. I felt hopeless and saw no way of escaping the worry and depression. Katherine was able to crystalize what I was experiencing in a short period of time and helped me to pinpoint what the problems truly were. After identifying the problems she then gave me techniques to help me realize the problems were manageable.  By teaching me how to manage things that seemed overwhelming and helping me realize that I could navigate these and other problems, she did a wonderful thing - she said she was always there if I needed her but that we no longer needed to continue our sessions. I will never forget how she was able to help me find my way back from overwhelmed to happy.  She is wonderful."


“I would love to recommend Dr. Katherine Coder. It is rare that a healer shines in so many areas simultaneously. Kat first and foremost shows up with an almost ferocious presence. She simultaneously is very gentle, sweet and cares with all of her being. She approaches her work with so much integrity, raising the bar of what’s possible. She is very intelligent, aware and tuned into the very subtle realms of spirit and energy. When Kat is holding space in community, everybody knows that they’re being held powerfully and with great care. To witness her facilitating in community is a sight to see. She is wise and competent beyond her years and comes with this precision. Wisdom flows from her and she has an acuity with her insights which help to unlock healing in those that work with her. She’s a very powerful leader and community seems to gather around her. And her gifts are so multi-faceted. She is an extraordinary artist with space. She creates the most beautiful atmospheres for people to come together in. She approaches it all with such love and care. In my opinion, it would wise to stay tuned into what she’s up to. I believe she’s going to be at the forefront of what’s next in terms of healing modalities and methodologies. My sense is that Kat is at the cutting edge and can help people achieve powerful breakthroughs in their healing. Know that, whether you are sitting one on one in session with her or whether you are sitting in a circle with her, you likely will be feeling completely held in so many ways. And from this holding, all healing flows. She is a unique gem.”


“Dr. Kat is the most incredible psychologist I have ever met. She combines psychological training with her gifts of razor sharp intuition and shamanic training to create a safe and magical space for us to heal in. I am thankful to Kat for her wisdom, experience, Presence, and compassion, and for her loving and nurturing touch, which made me feel safe and loved throughout the whole [healing] process. I brought my most vulnerable heart and self in ceremony. Eva was completely present in seeing me in my totality and nurturing the vulnerability from a place of deep love and witnessing. She holds a powerful divine mother presence for trauma release, shadow exploration, and death and rebirth."


“Having observed and admired Katherine’s work in the community, I approached her for some coaching during a career transition. As our time together unfolded, it became apparent – thanks to her- that I was on a path of profound personal growth. The advice and counsel I received from Katherine was of great value, and she served not only as a guide, but as a trusted companion on my journey. Her credentials speak for themselves, however, Katherine has a gifted ability to listen beyond words. Her spirit provides for a holistic approach to counseling, and her intellect enables her to frame things in a remarkable fashion. The homework she gave me between sessions was just as insightful and rewarding as our face time. I would wholeheartedly recommend Katherine to anyone looking for coaching or counseling. And, I would especially encourage those – like me – who might initially be somewhat skeptical of the spiritual component of her practice to relax and let the healing begin.”


“It is hard for me to put into words how much Katherine Coder helped my daughter. Katherine made my daughter feel safe and understood. She was treated as an individual with unique needs and took the time to create a special bond with her. Katherine helped her find strategies to work with her anxiety and to put life into perspective. I appreciated that Katherine worked with my entire family to find ways to help my daughter. She saw the importance of working together as a team and in many ways helped all of us.”


“Kat is a bright star who has an intuitive healing ability that put me at tremendous ease. Her deep transpersonal awareness enables transformation and healing, and I was able to access tears from many lifetimes as she worked with me in only a few sessions. Kat is a Ray of Light whose spiritual warmth is life changing to say the least; I recommend her highly!”


“Highly recommend Her! She radiates peace and serenity, and she has a beautiful way of applying her knowledge and intuition in all of her sessions.”



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