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Dr. Eva Katherine Coder is an awakener of evolutionary potential and a guide to remember one’s birthright and soul essence. She weaves the ancient wisdom into the now, serving as a vessel for the Divine Feminine in modern times. She holds the form and the formless, facilitating the integration of the known with the unknown.


Her transformative work connects Body, Mind, Heart and Soul and seeks to meet each person as and where they are in the journey of life. Her stance is to recognize the fundamental Truth in each person, honor them as that Truth, and begin the work that needs to be done to bring a person to this essential nature.

Her specialties include trauma resolution, attachment challenges, codependency, childhood and family wounding, women’s work, and motherhood. From a transpersonal perspective she helps her clients with deeper awakenings and integrations. She brings together Western clinical psychology, Eastern spiritual teachings, indigenous wisdom, and the continuous cultivation of the deep feminine in the world.

She has taught lunar wisdom, elemental wisdom, herbal plant wisdom, elements of ceremony, and facilitated women’s work, council circles, workshops, retreats, year-long women’s feminine spirituality schools, and transformative book clubs.



Integrating the Clinical and the Multi-dimensional

About      Me

My mission is to help you reclaim your birthright. You incarnated for a reason, to unfold your essential nature into this world. I honor you and stand before you as a nurturer and warrior to your divine truth. I stand with you in your deepest initiation.

I have traveled the world, remembering and learning to reweave the sacred into the everyday. I have been deeply blessed with profound, spontaneous mystical experiences and deep teachings from indigenous medicine people, Eastern and Western psychospiritual practices, traumatologists, and cultures from the global south. My spirit flies north, south, east, and west. My work is dedicated to my ancestors and all of our relations.

My clinical background and training allows me to navigate trauma with skill and expertise, while my mystical and integral understandings allow me to heal and help from deeper and wiser sources. I serve others from my deepest essence and wisdom, offering what resides most deeply in my heart. The healing I’ve experienced personally has offered me a psychologically and spiritually sound foundation from which our work will flow.


I welcome you to reach out if you are looking to commit deeply to yourself – to your healing, growth, and transformation.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.0017889) in Colorado, and I am certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Additionally, I am licensed as a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine (L 4354276) through the Pastoral Medical Association to offer spiritually-based counseling and guidance both in person and remotely. Lastly, I am a certified Coach through The Synthesis Center and am a Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner.

I am the author of After the Ceremony Ends: A Companion Guide to Help You Integrate Visionary Plant Medicine Experiences, available on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble in both electronic and paperback formats.

In addition to healing work, I also have joined the Third Wave as a guest faculty member where I teach about initiation and ceremonial structures.

* I do not accept Medicare/Medicaid or insurance. I am out of network. I can provide you with an invoice or superbill if you want to submit for a HSA or insurance.


"I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Coder. She has been a massive catalyst for change in my life and was instrumental in allowing me to work through so many issues I previously thought I’d be dealing with forever."






  • PhD Transpersonal Psychology (2011), Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Concentrations in Expressive Arts Therapy & Teaching, Education and Research)

  • MA Psychology (2010), Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • BS Economics (2001), University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cum Laude

  • (2023) Psychedelic Somatic Institute, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy

  • (2022-2023) Institute of Spiritual Healing, Level 1 Sufi Healing


  • (2019) The Self Love Recovery Institute Healing the Inner Trauma Child Method: Attachment Trauma Healing and Integration by Ross Rosenberg

  • (2015-2016) The Synthesis Center Psychosynthesis Training and Coaching Certificate

  • (2009-2011) Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies by Malidoma Patrice Some

  • (2007-2009) International Institute for Humanistic Studies Existential-Humanistic Group Facilitation Certificate

  • (2008) Ritterman-Eriksonian Hypnotherapy

  • (2008) Phase 1 UNtraining White Racism

  • (2006) Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certifications

  • (2002-2004) Peace Corps Volunteer in Haiti, Most Valuable Volunteer Award



  • Coder, K. E. (2012). “Shaking the world awake”: A constructivist cross case analysis of the phenomenon of spiritually mature activism. The Australian Community Psychologist, 2(24), 111-132.

  • Coder, K. (2008). Uganda’s success in reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in the 1980s and 1990s: An Integral retrospective analysis. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 3(4), 39-60.

  • Is Pain Bad? - Elephant Journal

  • When Tolerance Becomes Dangerous: How Early Relational Wounding Creates Blind Spots - - Elephant Journal





  • Host of Divorcing/Separating Mothers//Boulder County Court System to help connect mothers to resources in legal disputes


  • Class Parent, Bluebell Classroom, Shining Mountain Waldorf School (2020-2021)

*select engagements

  • Weekly Volunteer Meditation Teacher to Lotus House women’s shelter, Miami, FL (2012-2013)
  • Host of the no-cost Waking Down in Mutuality meditation circle in Miami, FL, which met biweekly for 2 years (2012-2014)

  • La Luchi Foundation/Girl Power Volunteer Program Facilitator, Miami, FL (2013)

  • City Year Volunteer Facilitator (2013)

  • This Sacred Space Volunteer Facilitator for men in San Quentin Prison, Bay Area, CA (2010-2011)  


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